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A collection agency is collecting a debt I don’t owe. What should I do? This question plagues Louisiana consumers as aggressive and unreasonable debt collectors attempt to collect from anyone they think likely to pay. Luckily, it’s a violation of federal law to falsely represent the amount or character of a debt, or to collect amounts not authorized by contract or law. This is thanks to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which regulates the conduct of debt collectors nationwide. If you believe you have a claim under the Act, you may be entitled to monetary damages as well as any costs and attorney’s fees associated with your claim for damages. So, what should you do if you receive a collection call or letter for amounts you don’t owe? Contact Samuel J. Ford, Esq. We can represent you at no out-of-pocket cost to you! Give us a call at 504-323-5802 for a free consultation.

Scott, Vicknair, Hair & Checki, LLC is trusted by clients across Louisiana to help debtors deal with collection issues. We provide legal advice and litigation services at every level of state and federal court. We have successfully helped a wide variety of clients in all circumstances. We have achieved excellent results for debtors seeking to defend lawsuits, settle accounts, discharge debt, end harassment, or pursue damages for unlawful collection tactics.


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To find the answers and diligent advocacy you need, call (504) 323-5802 or email us today to schedule a consultation with our New Orleans law firm.

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